New recipes

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Tomorrow is the American day of football and food, and more importantly for doing new recipes.

And are you working on your IT recipes?  One alternative recipe to look at is Kerio connect on Foundation server.  Why foundation? 

1.  it’s under 15 users and that’s a nice spot/size for a kerio deployment.

2.  It doesn’t have anything else on the IIS web site to then have to deal with.  It will install what it needs on the IIS.  But what about RWA?  I hear you saying.  Well there’s a couple of ways you can offer that…. first up use something like Logmein as an alternative or install a Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials whic offers up a RWA portal.  Bottom line, if you haven’t cooked in the kitchen in a while, now’s the time to download the stuff and realearn.


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