Say goodbye to the blue badge

On November 26, 2012, in news, by

… so I renewed my Microsoft partner network membership and lost a competency.


As of December 16, 2012 I’m no longer competent.  Well in Microsoft’s eyes anyway.  I’m merely a network member with an Action pack subscription. 


3 Responses to Say goodbye to the blue badge

  1. David Moisan says:

    I still have the banner, the patches and two plaques…

  2. Didn´t Microsoft state that we hav a grace period till June 2013, Susan???

    I have to renew my membership in february and I thought I can use the blue badge till I met the requierements for the competency.

    I remember that Eric stated something like this on his blog: “You can renew your membership as always during grace period.”

    Now, you scared me a bit :=)

  3. Lyle Epstein says:

    I just checked mine and still have it. I am set to renew in Feb. 2013. Then I guess mine goes away as well. 🙁