Well I’m five here

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I officially am 5 Windows 8 licenses of that 40 million

Microsoft Sells 40 Million Windows 8 Licenses (But to Whom?) | The VAR Guy:

As a Software Assurance customer of Windows desktops, 5 out of the 40 million licenses sold were to me.

Of that number I have -zero- installed on actual machines and don’t plan to install on a desktop in the near future.

I am still eyeing up a replacement … heck my baby laptop is so dead these days – for my baby laptop and am looking towards a unit that I’m hoping will be coming out soon on AT&T….but I don’t think all 40 million of those licenses are installed.


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  1. Bob Nitrio says:

    ” I don’t think all 40 million of those licenses are installed.”

    Spoken like a true prophet!