SBS SA Make-Good is NOT, Microsoft should be ashamed of itself. @ HandyAndy’s SBS-Rocks Blog:

I agree with Andy.  I as a customer feel like Microsoft dropped the ball on me.

The make good on SA should make a customer whole. In Andy’s case where he wants physical servers, it’s not, in my case where I want/plan to virtualize it’s not. I’m still one operating system short to be able to install SharePoint somewhere.


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  1. SeanPT says:

    I assume that they don’t want the 25 shop SBSers doing their own thing and that they want them on Office 365. If that is where they want those customers than herding them there with a bad SA “Make Good” makes sense (from their prospective).

    Also I never ever trusted the whole “Make Good” idea. It wasn’t in writing what you would get and I don’t trust anything that isn’t in writing. Heck, I barely trust something IN writing.

  2. By following the whole discussion in the channel, I always ask myself, if we discuss too emotional.

    I understand your position and I understand HandyAndys position, too.

    On the other hand: If the “25 shop SBSser” or lower could AND want to invest in SA in the past, they are able to investing in virtualization or in cloud services for their future.

    They are able to investing in trusted advisors, like you or HandyAndy to help them find their right solution in this time of changes.

    A Karl Palachuk said somewhere: Microsoft is a company that want and have to earn money.

    Said this it´s our task to evaluate our options together with our clients, and to be honest: Although we talk on SharePoint´s benefits for our clients, only a few of them had used this capapbility in the past (speaking of my location here in Hamburg, Germany).

    I´m still convinced of the benefits of SA, but me and a lot of my collegues plead for a licensing bundle for smb customers that want to buy volume licensing with sa or generally want to have on-premise servers.

    Bottom line: I feel a bit ambivalent or like we say in germany “I have two hearts in my chest” :=)

  3. Paul Crosbie says:

    I’m still pissed off at how my “make good” didn’t work for SBS2003 Premium. Got given an extra license for Server2003 to run ISA Server on but when I got my TMG “make good” I didn’t get a license for Server2008 which is the minimum requirement! Also I had 25 CALs but they only would give me a single version of Outlook, not much use either!

  4. bradley says:

    I was able to get the number of Outlook licenses. You just called back for more copies of Outlook. By the time TMG shipped, I was over that. I still feel that at least tried to be a valid make good. This isn’t.

  5. Mark Welte says:

    If you really want to know what it is like to be bent over a barrel you need to get in on the Microsoft Dynamics side of things. We pay 18% per year on maintenance. Miss a renewal and it is an 18% penalty on top of the 18% maintenance. You are unable to add users or change functionality unless you are on maintenance. Can’t even make a support call unless you are on maintenance. I pay 4 times as much for Dynamics maintenance as I do for all of our SA and it matters nothing to MS. I was a little bitter about SA until I got to experience the Dynamics’ side of licensing. Microsoft is the playgound bully and could care less about the small business market.