Quickbooks and Windows 8

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Intuit is responding to some of the criticism about the User Interface change, let’s see if you think that these changes are enough.

Windows 8 Compatibility

This is supposed to be the first version of QuickBooks where Intuit officially supports Windows 8. Up until this time the most significant problem that I’ve run into with Windows 8 has been compatibility with PDF drivers on 64 bit systems. Does 2013 R4 fix this? Well, unfortunately, there are still problems on Windows 8. See the Intuit support site on Windows 8 for details. I have several test systems with Windows 8 and at this time 2013 R4 still has PDF problems on 64 bit systems. These kinds of compatibility problems are difficult to pin down and resolve sometimes. If you have been waiting to get Windows 8 until this has been fixed I think that you might want to wait just a little bit longer…

On the other hand, you may still be able to fix the problem by using the steps found in my article on Solving Problems with Windows 8 and QuickBooks 2013. I’ve had mixed success with this on different systems, unfortunately.


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  1. Joe Raby says:

    I know that Amuyani (or however you spell it) PDF drivers will often try to install to LPT1, which will fail miserably when you try to use it. Move that sucker to the NUL port driver and it works fine. Dunno if this is related to QuickBooks, but I quit using QB and switched to Invoice2Go a while back. Since then though, Invoice2Go moved to this All-cloud-all-the-time “HTML5” app that only works on Webkit browsers. I quit using them when that happened, and started using my e-commerce software instead.