Do you or don’t you?

On December 22, 2012, in Security, by

So Nick built a survey that I’d like to see more than just 6 responses to…

Most of the users we support are local admins on their PCs and I know this isn’t the greatest, but it’s what our users want. I’ve created a quick 1 question survey to see if people in the communities I’m in are the same:

If you know this isn’t the greatest… and you know… you don’t have to be an admin on your desktop all the time.  You can still give a person admin password in order to install things but just not have them RUN as an admin all the time.  If they were running Macs they wouldn’t so why do they want this on Windows?  On Win7 is no big deal to run as a non admin these days.


One Response to Do you or don’t you?

  1. Nick Lloyd says:

    I was wondering why I was getting so many responses! Thanks for sharing, it looks like the majority are like me… Time for a change in 2013 and convince our customers that the non-admin way is the right way.