I need help on voting up a bug

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MPECS Inc. Blog: SBS 2011 Backup Error: Add Destination Drive Failure – Cannot Configure Backup Schedule:

If you want a rotating backup in SBS 2011 and even Windows 2012 Essentials you have one slightly large problem.  There’s what I consider to be a bug in the process.  A big bug.  But it’s a bug that Microsoft doesn’t see as a bug.

Error message when you try to add an additional disk to a scheduled backup: “The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect”:

The “bug” resides in the fact that if you want add another usb backup location to your offsite rotation, the only way you can do so is to bring ALL of the drive locations back so that the system sees all of them at the same time and then and only then can you add an additional drive location.  If you don’t have all the drives, the wizard won’t let you add a new drive to the disk rotation but you’ll have to set the backups all over again.  Which kinda defeats the idea behind father/grandfather backup rotations.

Here’s a current manifestation of the “bug”

Cannot add additional backup drives to existing schedule | Microsoft Connect:

“It is not possible to add additional backup destinations to a backup schedule unless ALL the drives are plugged into the server.

This means if you have more backup drives that can be plugged in at once (i.e. more USB disks than USB ports) the drives cannot be added to the schedule.

Also if a new drive needs adding to the schedule then ALL drives must be brought back on site and plugged in. This is an issue as it means there is no “off site” backup.

I have a support case SR112122010094252 open for this issue.

I have uploaded a text file with PowerShell output showing the issue and a Procmon log showing the issue – VDS cannot find the path it is looking for.”

“Create backup schedule to one USB drive. Re run the wizard to add a destination. Choose a drive. This fails with a path not found error.

This can be reproduced on all Server 2012 editions using GUI and PowerShell”

More on this thread here.

Has wbadmin changed since 2011 Essentials?:

Help me out by voting up that bug please.  We shouldn’t have to bring all the usb attached backup locations to add another backup to the rotation.


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  1. Daniel says:

    Page not found on the link to the connect page 🙂

  2. Cal McLennan says:

    I agree that this should be fixed, and really should NOT be an issue that requires this much time or effort to be realized.

    far to easy for someone to completely lose their prior backup history here.

    where is the Bug link?

  3. Guido Elia says:

    If we have to add a destination disk the OS MUST let us doing so even if we are not ITs

  4. bradley says:

    You have to sign up in http://connect.microsoft.com first

  5. TechPoetry says:

    I too have had this issue. very frustrating to say the least! Had it not for the fact that I was using Hyper-V VHDs for backup – I’d never been able to get all disks in rotation online in order to configure backup. I do see possible scenarios where all disks would either not be onsite or perhaps “bad” causing issues when trying to replace the disk in rotation.

    Susan, I’m happy to “vote up” this as bug with everyone else.

  6. AL says:


    We have come across this on three installations where we have added\replaced a backup disk.

    More than happy to vote – can’t find the appropriate bug in the Connect Directory.

    Another issue we were thinking of raising is the inability of the SBS 2011 backup wizard to exclude specific folders!! We are looking at testing this via Powershell but can’t understand why MS deprecated this from SBS 2003!

    Best wishes for the holidays.

  7. Keith says:

    As one of those links says, you need to have the first drive in the backup set connected to add additional drives . To say you need ALL drives connected is incorrect. (at least that is what I see in my SBS2011 builds)

  8. Phil Gillespie says:

    Also seen on SBS 2008 and it was a right pain back then!

  9. bradley says:

    It’s a workaround. This should work natively in the GUI with no command line or powershell.

  10. Joe_Miner says:

    I’m signed in to MicroSoft Connect but I still get page not found. is there a particular group(s) I should join?

    I have experienced this bug in S2012E but at the time I just chalked it up to my not knowing what I was doing — thanks for posting this.

    If I can figure outhow to help vote this up I definitely will.

  11. Joe_Miner says:

    +1 Done.

  12. This is one of the reasons we leverage 3rd Party solutions such as Symantec System Recovery as a backup solution for our clients.

  13. Bernie H says:

    Have you tried wbadmin enable backup -addtarget?