On a Facebook post the question was asked…if the RSB (Really Small Businesses) have to go to Office 365 plan E3, why should they buy a (OEM) server with WS2012 Ess??? Just for back-up/imaging of their workstation(s)??

I thought I’d post the response here too …

Remote Web access on the box to allow for easy access back to the desktops. Direct Access wizard that allows you to set up DA even for really small offices. And yes, I really love my Backup box by gramps (it’s the same backup engine) as it makes changing out harddrives to SSDs a snap and ensuring that I can recover workstations to exaclty what they were. Also without Essentials you don’t have password sync ability in a RSB. Essentials has glue to allow for easy password sync that you cannot do without multiple servers and two DCs. 

Essentials is not just about backups.  And it’s certainly not all about Exchange.  If you see it as cheap email, there’s a lot of things you need to have bulletproof email that it doesn’t have.  For example to really have bulletproof email you need to add some sort of backup mx service or mail hygiene. 


But to everyone out there in cyberland who is asking Microsoft to bring back SBS.  Folks, Santa is not bringing it back. 


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