The HP t610 Plus units arrived

On December 28, 2012, in news, by

Next project at the office.  Thin client deployment/testbed for MultiPoint 2011

These are the HP thin client units that support up to four monitors – note the pigtail ready video card, the onboard hdmi and the funky HP (built in a Foxcon plant in China) adapter things (I forget what they are called)

This particular unit is the onboard wireless one.  And I had to pull out this little serial card on the back and read the part numbers to figure out that this one has the wireless on it. We bought one with wireless support and the rest with wired support.

Why MultiPoint 2011?  Because some of my apps don’t support Windows 8/Server 2012 yet.  So 2011 MultiPoint will be the base.


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  1. Joe Raby says:

    That’s a DisplayPort connection on the back according to the label, not HDMI. The logo looks like a D with a P inside it.

    $650 sounds like a lot, considering you could get a low-end PC for far less, and just lock down Windows login to only allow access to RDC….The processor is just AMD’s embedded version of the E-450. I thought thin clients were supposed to save money….