Playing the game

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So you want to buy Windows 2012 Essentials via VLSC for a new client who’s never before bought VLSC licenses right?  And Essentials is seen as a unit of ONE and thus is not allowed to be bought alone – as you need to buy in a minimum unit of five?

So why did SBS 2011 standard work in the VLSC system?  Because it was seen as 5 due to it’s 5 included licenses.  So here’s how you play Microsoft’s little VLSC game.

Buy 4 of the cheapest thing they have on their order list.

Try 4 licenses of SKU-66J-05383 Win Pro DVD Playback $6 each

Doesn’t have to be anything you actually use or legal to use without something else.  The thing here is to get SOMETHING else to get you past the 5 mark.

Yes, it’s dumb.  Yes, it’s a sign that VLSC isn’t as SMB friendly – and especially Essentials friendly – as it should be.

Does it work?  Yes.


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  1. I must admit I’ve had to use this trick. Had to scan through endless drop-down combinations to find the cheapest SKU to “stuff” the order with though!

    Microsoft licensing makes my brain hurt. Often.