Finding the green button

On January 10, 2013, in Multipoint, by

So got my multipoint set up (more on that later) and starting to set up the thin clients.  First lesson, don’t accidentally pull out the power cord as one is first setting up and if they are a Win7 embedded (they are) and you pull them out right at the time they are building the os you now have to find media on the HP site, build a usb flash drive/bootable thing and rebuild your thin client.

Next lesson… even though these are “thin clients’ they are still Windows machines, just with more locked down access.  So things like joining the domain isn’t as obvious as you think.

Domain or not for thin client? – Spiceworks:

What you do is you log into the thin client with a username of Administrator/password of Administrator and go into the control panel and manually join the client to the domain… BUT.. you don’t reboot.  You merely change the name of the thin client as you want, put in the domain stuff, say NO to reboot and then look in the system tray for the tiny green button.  The what you say?  The green HP ‘commit this to the image” button.

Right mouse click on that tiny green button down there and you see there’s a “Commit”.  That “commits it to the tiny little  c drive.


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