Can we install RDS on Windows server 2012 foundation without DC
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From your description, you want to use Windows Server 2012 RDS without
domain. If I am misunderstanding, you could correct me.

We would like suggest you run the server 2012 RDS in domain. Even you
could install RDS role on a workgroup server 2012, but server 2012 RDS
is designed to work in domain.

For the legacy Remote Desktop manage tools, including Remote Desktop
Services Manager, Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration, and the
Connection Manager interface for configuring Connection Broker have
been*replaced *in Windows Server 2012 with the RDMS administration
console. Remote Desktop Management server needs to work in domain.

And Collections is designed to manager virtual machine-based or
session-based desktop in Windows server 2012, you could only run
collections in domain environment. What’s more, at least one RD
Connection Broker is necessary in server 2012 RDS, and it needs to work
in domain.

Also most of the old PowerShell commands and GUI programs that would
have allowed you to configure/manage a standalone RDSH server have been

More information for you:
There is one Quick Start Deployment methods in server 2012. If you only
have one server used for 2012 RDS, you could use the methods to deploy.
A Quick Start deployment can be used when you plan to install all role
services on a single machine and wish to create a Session-based desktop
deployment/ Virtual machine-based desktop deployment as quickly as
possible. Using the Quick Start deployment option will install RD
Session Host, RD Web Access, and Remote Desktop Connection Broker roles
on a single machine. In addition to installing all required role
services, Quick Start will also automatically create a session-based
desktop/ Virtual machine-based desktop collection and publish the
collection to the RDWeb page.

I hope the above information could be useful for you. If you have any
other question, please feel free to let me know.

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One Response to More on the topic of Foundation Server and Remote Desktop and Domain Controllers

  1. Joe Moffatt says:

    That sounds wonderful, except that it cannot do it. RDS will not install on the same machine as a DC, period, rendering Foundation Server 2012 COMPLETELY worthless. It requires two servers to accomplish the task, which is insane.