PowerShell? Yuck!

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Yeah I know you probably think that too, huh?  But show me someone who says they love PowerShell and I’ll show you a person who has a cheat sheet of commands they use because if you really asked them, I’ll betcha they can’t remember the commands for all the stuff they do.

I bet even Charlie “PowerShell MVP” Russel has a cheat sheet of commands and doesn’t have all that stuff memorized.

So as a perfect companion piece to Boon Tee’s intro to Essentials 2012 comes Robert Crane’s PowerShell for Office 365.

As he states:

This book is an introduction to the basic operation of PowerShell for Office 365. It covers material that is applicable for Enterprise Office 365 Plans and well as for the Small Business and Professionals P Plan. It is not however designed as an in depth PowerShell tutorial or training guide. It is mainly focused on getting you up and running with PowerShell in the Office 365 environment as well as providing some commonly used commands. If you are not yet familiar with PowerShell for Office 365 then this book is for you.




One Response to PowerShell? Yuck!

  1. No, I don’t have a cheat sheet. I don’t need to keep one, because PowerShell has one built in. It’s call Get-Help. You can use Get-Help to quickly find all the “WMS” cmdlets, for example, on your WMS server with:

    PS> Get-Help Wms

    Or, want to know all the commands in a specific module?

    PS> Get-Command -module

    Or want help on how PowerShell does comparisons?

    PS> Get-Help About_Comparison_Operators

    So no, I do NOT keep a cheat sheet. But I do use PowerShell to help me find the commands I need. Because no, I don’t remember them all, or even most of them. Especially now, with so many new commands in Server 2012/Win8