Setting up password policies

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Derek is talking about how to set up a specific password policy for a group of people and in servers less than 2008 r2 you need an add on

Only with that tool on older level servers can you have specific password policies for groups.

Starting with 2008 era, if all of your DC’s are up on the 2008 AD level THEN you can create unique password policies.


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  1. Florian says:

    Hi Susan,

    I had to exclude one member server from my password policy in a W2K3 domain. Here’s how I’ve done it:
    * Create a security group and add that computer (member server) to it
    * Restart the member server (so that it knows about the group)
    * Click on the password policy in GPO management and choose the tab Delegation
    * Click on Advanced and add the security group from above
    * Click on the group and choose deny for Apply group policy
    * Wait for replication and test with Group policy results

    Works for me.