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So if you think you can do RemoteFX and HyperV and get full gui Aero on MultiPoint 2011, you can stop banging your head against a wall.

I did get RemoteFX working on Server 2012 with the right card (thanks John for that).  But what I can’t do is get Aero enabled on MultiPoint that’s sitting in the HyperV as a child.

Can you connect to a Terminal Server via RemoteFX? Yes! (Here’s what you need to know.) – Brian Madden –

I thought I had done my homework, but I didn’t obviously do enough.

RemoteFX does allow you to host Win7’s with full Aero – What you need to know about Microsoft RemoteFX:

But on Terminal Services/MultiPoint it looks like I’ve been trying to get something to work that well… just won’t.



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  1. James feldman says:

    Susan, keep up the good work – you’ve just saved a bunch of people from finding this out themselves the hard way 🙂

    It’s never a waste of time if someone else learns from it 😉

  2. John says:

    I discovered that you can only get full remotefx features if you are publishing a VDI. You can then assign the physical video card to the vdi. Remote Desktop will only use the Host CPU to emulate a physical card with limitations.

    This video shows a demo of remotefx from Microsoft and they are using VDI.