Office 365 on Open Volume….

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Announcing Office 365 through Open and the New Office availability! Info and resources for you. – Microsoft Sales Excellence Program Manager – Eric Ligman – Site Home – MSDN Blogs:

In addition to the announcement above, we also shared that Office 365 will be available for business to purchase starting on February 27th and that Office 365 will be available to transact in our Open Volume Licensing programs and Full Package Product (Retail Box) channels beginning on March 1st.

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 * Midsize Business Open is not available in Australia, China and Thailand
 * Small Business Premium FPP is not available in Australia, China,
   Thailand and Japan


2 Responses to Office 365 on Open Volume….

  1. Eric Ligman says:

    Thanks for sharing with your community, Susan!

    Eric Ligman
    Sales Excellence Program Manager
    Microsoft Corporation

  2. Joe Raby says:

    I wish they offered an Office 365 subscription to MAPS customers. If Microsoft wants to push this cloud stuff so much, MAPS customers should be able to use it day-in and day-out too. A regular 30-day trial isn’t enough IMO, and paying MAPS customers shouldn’t need to deal with MOQ’s for cloud services to keep it, like they do with the Cloud Partner program. Partners are going to need to know what this “Office on select devices” thing is going to be about when it arrives. Is it iOS and/or Android? I already got a trial subscription, but it’s likely going to expire before this feature is going to be available.

    Would anybody be opposed to the Office software being taken off MAPS in favour of it being delivered through a bundled Office 365 subscription – so long as you still get 10 licenses of the software?