For those that have not yet installed Essentials 2012 –

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There is no need to take any action.  The install of the update rollup one – if done before you setup the Office 365 integration – will install just fine and the integration wizard will run as well and the necessary services will be enabled.  So If you are planning to install an Essentials 2012 in the coming weeks, install all updates offered up with the full knowledge that it will cause no issues long term.

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For those that already have deployed the Essentials 2012 platform AND have the Office 365 integration set up, be aware that when you install this update you will need to RDP into the console and change the “Windows Server Password Synchronization Service to automatic and turn the service on.

When the update installs and AFTER you reboot the server you will see a brand new service installed.  This service called the Windows Server Password Synchronization Service will (unfortunately) be set to disabled even when you have set up Office 365 integration.  It should be set to Automatic and should be running if you have Office 365 integration set up.

I would recommend that after installing this update and IF you have Office 365 integration enabled that you double check this setting.

RDP to the server and then click on the control panel tile on the Metro desktop. 

Click on system and security

Now on Admin tools

Now find services

Double click

Scroll down to the Windows password synchronization service

Double click

Now change the service from disabled to automatic.

Click apply.

Now click the start button to start the service.

Click OK

Hit the X in the corner to close out the window.

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9 Responses to For those that have not yet installed Essentials 2012 –

  1. josh says:

    can you share mailbox with other users, apply send as permission etc from the dashboard. thank you.

  2. bradley says:

    No, you have to use the Office 365 tools. It’s mainly a password syncing integration.

  3. josh says:

    Actually I bought the book you had listed here windows 2012 essentials and going through that but it doesn’t have much coverage on this topic, so tried googling and didn’t find much on office 365 tools. Where do you download that from? can you please give me some link if you know any to learn about it. thank you.

  4. bradley says:

    Where do you download what from? Sorry not understanding the question?

  5. josh says:

    I was referring to office 365 tools, where do you download it from. Thank you.

  6. bradley says:

    You don’t download them, they are either in the office 365 console or you use remote powershell to manage. Most of what you need is natively in the Office 365 console.

  7. bradley says:

    Office 365: Grant Send As Permission Without Using PowerShell P1 Plan – TechNet Articles – United States (English) – TechNet Wiki:

  8. Lyle Epstein says:

    Susan, it was very nice you made all of those pretty screen shots, but I think it would be a LOT easier by just using PowerShell. If you just open PowerShell and use the command “set-service -name PwdSyncProviderSvc -startuptype Automatic” that should set it properly for you.

    Lyle Epstein

  9. bradley says:

    For this product that is supposed to be for small businesses without the need for onsite full time IT, I disagree. For you yes. For normal small businesses, no.