Isn’t Amazon a data center?

On March 12, 2013, in news, by

AWS Just Made It A Whole Lot Easier For Anyone To Create A Virtual Private Cloud Showing Again How Enterprise Tech Is Obsolete | TechCrunch:

The enterprise market has shifted in the past 12 to 18 months as CIOs have come to accept cloud computing, said Scott Sandell, a general partner with NEA Ventures in a conversation here at SXSW. He said it means all enterprise technology in a data center is obsolete. AWS’ move points to the shift in the market and the higher value on services that leverage the cloud as opposed to significant investments in new and existing infrastructure.


If all enterprise technology in a data center is obsolete, isn’t Amazon a data center too?  And should I trust a conversation between two geeks at a Texas party event?  But it is something interesting to look into regardless.  I still say that as long as I can get to it over an Internet connection it’s not completely private but then again none of us truly have a private network these days do we?


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