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In an effort to clarify many Cloud program questions, I want to share with you the top ten frequently asked questions.


How do I resell Cloud Services to my client?

To learn more about becoming a Microsoft Cloud Services Partner, please see our enrollment information at


Where do I obtain my benefits for being a Cloud Partner?

Instructions and information about the benefits you are entitled to can be located by navigating to and selecting the appropriate product. Note: You must be a Global Administrator or higher within the Microsoft Partner Network and have the Microsoft Online Services Partner Agreement signed to access these benefits.


What are the requirements to join Cloud Essentials?

You are now automatically enrolled into Cloud Essentials when you sign the Microsoft Online Services Partner Agreement within the Partner Program portal.


How do I obtain charity pricing for my non-profit/charity clients?

Please contact your local Regional Service Center to open a request for charity pricing. Please be ready to provide the following information:

Non-profit Organization Name

Organization Address

If within the United States, provide EIN (Employer Identification Number): XX-XXXXXXX

If within the United Kingdom or Canada, provide Registered Charity number

If in any country other than those above, provide company website.

Office 365 plan requested (E2 or E3)

Number of seats


How do I purchase additional subscriptions on an Office 365 account?

Additional subscriptions can be purchased directly from the Microsoft Online Portal using a Company Administrator account.


Can I switch to a different subscription?

As long as you do not have a Small Business Plan 1 (or P1) account, you can mix and match different subscriptions within the same tenant. This is done by purchasing subscriptions through the Microsoft Online Portal and contacting your local Regional Service Center to cancel any unused subscriptions and re-assigning the appropriate license.


My client needs more time to trial the subscription; can I get a trial extension?

To request a trial extension, please contact your local Regional Service Center.


How much do charities or non-profits pay for an Office 365 subscription?

At this time we cannot provide the prices to these types of subscriptions. To obtain pricing, please contact your local Regional Service Center using the information found on question 4 above.


I’m having a problem with my subscription, the billing of a subscription, or I need to cancel my subscription.

If you, as the Partner, are encountering issues with your subscription or your client’s subscription, please contact your local Regional Service Center.


How do I add my Partner of Record to a client using an Enterprise Agreement?

Please fill out the latest form found at and submit it to your local Regional Service Center.


I hope the above information can be of great use to everyone.


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3 Responses to Cloud Essentials/Accelerate Top Ten FAQs – Microsoft Partners Forum:

  1. Ben Krause says:

    I wish that we could charge our clients directly and we would pay microsoft for the services. I feel this is just one step closer to trying to cut out the middle man “partner”.

    Also, twice when I tried to call the partner line for questions about cloud services I was on hold for 15 minutes before I hung up because I needed to handle other things.

    I tried doing the chat instead and was told I had to call the partner line so they could tell me how I would get paid selling their services to my clients. I explained that I had been on hold for 15 minutes and was told they were very busy and I would have to be patient.

    And another thing, where is the manual on using sharepoint for the end users? I started reading some of the getting started help, which was difficult to find anyway, and their walkthrough doesn’t match the sharepoint site I was working with.

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

  2. Geoff says:

    If I’m not mistaken, their is now an “Office 365 Open” licensing option that does allow you to bill the end user yourself, without Microsoft directly contacting your customers. Not sure if URLs are supported in the comments here, but here is some info from Eric Ligman:

  3. Ben Krause says: