That error code should read “yo Susan, ya blogged about it enough, you’d think you’d remember to install it on your network”

Deploy Windows 2012 as a hyperV member server and join it to a domain where WSUS is deployed.  If you haven’t installed An update for Windows Server Update Services 3.0 Service Pack 2 is available (KB2734608):  you will hit an issue (not right away mind you) where you’ll see 

Windows could not search for new updates

Error(s) found:

Code 800B0001 Windows update ran into a problem

And because it can’t go to WU the help file tells you nothing. 

But googling or remember that you haven’t installed that WSUS update yet because you said to yourself “I don’t have Windows 8 machines, why do I need that update…”

Duh, I DO have Server 2012 though.

File this under dumb moves


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