So you have a client that doesn’t want to get rid of their SBS 2011 but does want to move off the on premises Exchange and onto Office 365?

What’s the best way to have both working well?

1.  Don’t uninstall Exchange on the SBS 2011.  You actually want one piece left running – transport service – as this will allow you to keep reports being sent.  Not to mention should plans change for any reason, you want Exchange left on the box.

2.  You want to make sure that your autodiscover setting is set properly.  Exchange 2013/Outlook 2013 really depends on this setting.  Similar to how you did it for SBS 2008/SBS 2011 (see the third tier post) but this time instead of pointing to the SBS box, you point to Office 365.

3. You need to adjust the internal autodiscover to not grab the info first –  Follow Mark’s excellent blog

4.  You really really really have to have control of the DNS records.  If you do not, this process will be next to impossible.  To learn how to set up the necessary settings. there’s help files on the topic up at Office 365  Here’s a sample of the steps needed at Godaddy.

5.  Buy a Kindle book – Trust me you’ll need it.

6.  Join the office 365 yahoogroup

Got more questions?  Just holler!


2 Responses to Want Office 365 AND SBS 2011 working together?

  1. Harald Bilke says:

    Will SBS2011 “play” in a hybrid environment? Anyone setup this combo already?


  2. bradley says:

    Yes, several have.