I’m still tracking issues where IE10 install fails with  Neutral package installation failed


If you are impacted Microsoft is looking for log files…

As Susan’s put above and to reiterate, if you’re seeing “Neutral package installation failed” error, please gather and send some log files using the procedure detailed and either send to Susan or the alias included below.

“Instructions for the end user would be to:

    Copy GetLogs_local.bat to desktop
    Run elevated
    Send back the SetupFailureLogs folder that the script creates

http://sdrv.ms/11FIHrc    <<< download the bat file from there”

If you could then zip up the folder that ends up on your desktop and send it to IE10PQ@microsoft.com (change the -at- to @ and -dot- to.)

Thanks and Regards


Mark Feetham Senior Program Manager Internet Explorer Product Quality


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