Due to the number of .NET’s it’s taking a long time.

The newer systems tend to have more .net updates as well.

So far not had any personal .net patching issues this weekend.  I did have on one machine a GDI+ patch not ‘take’ the first time and I had to reboot and try it the second time and then it went.

So how about you?


5 Responses to So how’s patching for you this weekend?

  1. Jone Wills says:

    About 30 minutes was the norm for me.

  2. Steve W. says:

    No issues noted on five computers. Two Windows 8, two Win 7 and one Server 2012.

  3. Olaf says:

    quoted from http://isc.sans.edu/diary.html

    Inforworld is reporting that the WMV codec patch included in MS13-057 causes a number of video related applications to show partially blank screens. The applications include Techsmith Camtasia, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and others.

    Please let us know if you experienced any issues like that.

    [1] http://www.infoworld.com/t/microsoft-windows/another-botched-windows-patch-ms13-057kb-2803821kb-2834904-222636

  4. Olaf says:

    Sorry Susan, tracking through the links from isc and infoworld show that you were actually the first to bring this up!
    So the info above is redundant!

  5. Viorel says:

    Past weekend I decided that an refresh to wsus is good idea – I finaly upgraded all client PC to win7 and wsus content was over 9gb. Cleaning did not much effect to reduce XP clutter… I used your recomendation on reparing wsus after unninstall from control panel wsus sp2 – unninstalled all clean including updates. Attaced SBS repair disc to VM and performed recomended steps – in monday morning all was green and wsus content is ~3gb – pretty good 🙂