An MVP By Any Other Name

On July 18, 2013, in offtopic, by » An MVP By Any Other Name:

So effective today I’m officially no longer a “SBS MVP” but “Windows Server for Small and Medium Business”. 

The category of my MVP award may have changed, but the blog here will still be focused on small business topics.  I’m still a SBSer.  My heart will always be helping small business.  I still run a small business, I still support small businesses.  I still do things for Amy’s kitchen project to help small business consultants.

Next topic to be discussed at my local partner user group is Azure, next paper to be submitted to Amy will be one on Essentials R2 and some of the “Essentials Role” changes that you might want to think about.

Bottom line, it may be getting a bit harder to hear over the din of cloud cloud cloud, but there’s still a lot of choices out here and a lot of on premises versus cloud and what’s really right for your clients that we need to still figure out.  There’s times when cloud deployments make sense, and times when it doesn’t.  And there’s times that monthly subscriptions cost more than planned investments. 

So I’m still calling myself an SBSer.  As that’s who I am.



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