Robert Crane has graciously done a step by step post on how to install SP2 to SharePoint 2010:

CIAOPS: SharePoint Foundation 2010 SP2 on SBS 2011:

I would still recommend not applying this yet to production machines just to make sure there’s no side effects.

Hang tight for now.


One Response to SharePoint Foundation 2010 SP2 on SBS 2011

  1. John wills says:

    Yes, that is the same command you use to install any cumulative update. One word of caution, if you immediately go into IIS to view the site after SP2 is installed, more than likely you will get a 503 error.

    This behavior is caused by all of the Relevant SharePoint services being shut down during the installation. Start those services along with an IIS reset, and you should be okay. If not, a reboot is in order.

    I installed SP2 on an Enterprise test bed on day 1 and saw no issues. Caveat, this FARM has no custom web parts running.