So the question came up the other day about migrating from SBS 2011 to Office 365 and hosted Exchange and SharePoint.  Hosted Exchange has tools to move the data from the premises server to the cloud – is highly recommended.  But when It came to SharePoint, it’s not as clear cut.  You can decide to rebuild and merely map a drive from the old SharePoint to the new SharePoint and drag and drop the data over.  There are third party tools that  are not free and will pull over more of the metadata.  If you highly use SharePoint, you need Robert Crane’s advice as he’s the goto guy on all things SharePoint in SMB.

Computer Information Agency – Publications: and in particular

If you really rely on SharePoint, I’d recommend getting Robert’s take on what method and what tool to use to migrate.  A few months back he blogged:
“The problem has been, especially in the SMB space, has been the lack of a single tool to handle all this sort of migration and do so at a reasonable price. That was until Sharegate came along. Since I first started using the product it has added a variety of features, now including the ability to content from one site to another. Best of all the product is compatible with all current versions of SharePoint including SharePoint Online with Office 365.”

Then I’d also recommend that even if you refuse to use Office 365 now, and even if you think that none of your clients will ever use it, you should make sure you sign up for alerts from this page:

It’s a wiki page that keeps up to date what the latest is with Office 365.  If you sign into the wiki with your Microsoft ID you can sign up to be alerted when it’s updated.


We are in a changing environment and I don’t think you should rule anything out.  So keep an eye on the shifting technologies and choices out there.


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