Who remembers rabbit ears

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(done in an old geezer voice)

Honey, I remember when phones were phones.  When cameras were cameras.  When TV rabbit ears had to be moved to get a TV station and you had to WALK across the room to change the channel.  When you’d put foil on the antennas to boost the signal.

So I was setting up a Roku device at my Dad’s because he only has over the air TV.  He used to have cable, then used to have dish network and he doesn’t do the trick I’ve heard others say they do where every six months the drop one service for the next to get the best deal on the sign up.  No he’s like many where he’s cutting the cable cord and seeing how much he can watch without a cable subscription.  Of course that does mean reverting to the historical old way of having to walk over to the rabbit ears and having to attempt to see if you can get the channel you want to be picked up by the digital tuner. 

Just funny that the more things change, the more they stay the same – at least in terms of trying to get a TV channel.

One thing that I was surprised a bit about the Roku is how much it showcases the problems that Apple and Google will have with content providers.  Want HGTV on roku?  Sorry there used to be some sort of private bootleg channel but no more.  Want HBO to go?  You may be a subscriber but until Comcast makes a deal with Roku, you won’t be getting it on that device.

Seeing Google throw more coals on the fire, this should be interesting to see who wins this war of content.



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  1. Sam Thorpe says:

    I have an outside over the air antenna connected through my Tivo Premier. Also have Brighthouse Cable. The TIVO will schedule and tune both signals as well as downloads from the Internet.

    I prefer the over the air signal if available. Better quality and reliability.