Getting my head around Azure

On July 29, 2013, in news, by

So I’m playing with a virtual machine up on the Azure public preview of Windows 2012 R2.  And you get to the hyperv managerish console through the Azure console page and a Microsoft live ID. 

But you can also RDP to your virtual machine.  It’s RDP 3389 published to a non standard RDP port. 

And the thought goes through my mind… uh… you can limit that RDP port to just your IP… yes?

“A significant improvement in the security of virtual machines is the ability to lock down an endpoint so that only a specified set of IP addresses can access it.

To specify ACLs during or after deployment from PowerShell you create a new ACL configuration object using New-AzureAclConfig and then modify it with Set-AzureAclConfig. The created ACL object is then specified to the *-AzureEndpoint cmdlet in the -ACL parameter. “

May I say I think the reports of the demise of the ITpro may be a bit premature.  Granted there’s more Azure powershell and different gui’s to get your head around, but this virtual machine up here is just a server, that can be set up as good or as bad as you want it to be. 

Now off to see if I can get my head around Azure networking.


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