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It’s been one month since the “TechNet is dead” announcement and we still need to drive home to Redmond that enough is enough.

Why is Microsoft alienating its biggest customers? IT pros want TechNet back – Puget Sound Business Journal:

I really and truly think that Microsoft has no idea how much this is alienating their core customer base.

So I need you to send an email to steveb@microsoft.com and tell him what this TechNet decision means to you.  I still need you to sign the www.savetechnet.com petition if you haven’t. 

As I said on the TechNet list….

“The real hurt here is for Microsoft partners who after the Technet subscription retires will have no legal way to access legacy systems for migration testing.

It is in ITpros that cannot be Microsoft partners – that after the Technet subscription retires will have no legal way to access legacy systems for migration testing.

Bottom line it’s ITpros and Microsoft partners …and ultimately Microsoft that are the losers here.

I personally think that there isn’t gazillions of signers to the Technet petition is that we’re the only ones who don’t get our legacy system ISOs from bittorrent and even attempt to be legal. Everyone else has just given up and just downloads from bittorrent.

I’m not advocating piracy, but Microsoft keeps making me get closer to that point where I go “screw it, find it where ever you can”.

I don’t like saying that, but I also think that when you are trying to do the right thing by your client/your boss/your employer, there comes a point in time where Microsoft is the unreasonable one in this equation. “



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  1. .andi fox says:

    Sorry: I’m an amateur compared to youall, but I understand enough and have read enough in TechNet to know its loss would be — awful. I’d be glad to sign your petition. Never even heard of this. I assume you are as PR-savvy as you are tech-savvy, and have made a pest of yourself & your petition in EVERY forum in a really compelling way. // Microsoft seems as deaf to its own loyal customer base as a lumbering brontosaurus w/its head in the treetops, & everyone knows what happens to gigantic pea-brained reptiles who can’t hear what’s going on around their own feet in the course of time. They are as oblivious to the clamour of their own young as the GOP – and I say that as an erstwhile Republican.
    Let me sign, & get a few friends, & their friends, to sign – but where? … Remember I’m relatively dopey. Already I’m lost on your site,having got here by accident. // Help me if you can, or tell me where to go: I’m wading through the verbiage of the MS new Security Essentials EULA, which I’ve let download & it wants to install itself. I get to #3, “Ms Provides Internet-based Svcs w/the Software,” where they start to tell me all the ways this new spookware is going to from now on take control of my PC, go on the Inet at will, auto-update & download whatever apps it wants to w/out my knowledge along w/security updates, and range through my sys checking for & reporting to MS “malware…,…errors…,. AND OTHER INFO about your device that will help us improve this AND OTHER MS PRODUCTS & SVCS.” Anticipating the alarm of anyone who actually reads this, & to this point, they refer me here & further on to a privacy policy & other docs that are in this format: go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=148744. I’ve tried just doing a web search for this. I’ve tried it as an address, I’ve tried adding http:// to it, I’ve tried searching the MS site I ended up at for it, which found nothing, defaulted to Bing search, & that sent me back to a general web search which offered a couple of MS threads & a bunch of private sites. They offer threads & forums discussing irrelevant matters from 2008 & 2009. The most promising seemed this one, the 2nd or 3rd in Duk.go, headed,” •MICROSOFT SECURITY ESSENTIALS 1.0 eula – THE OFFICIAL BLOG OF THE …
    For more information about the Microsoft Update feature, see http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=148744. • Microsoft Digital Rights Management.• msmvps.com/blogs/bradley/archive/2009/09/29/microsoft-security… ”
    I did a search on this site- BUPKES. WHERE IS IT? I don’t understand. If this term doesn’t exist on this site, how does it show up on the web search as the above? When I got to this site, I also landedin the midst of an ’08 or’09 thread, seemingly unrelated. Nosed around & found your plaintive rant. Since I’ve written this I’ve taken two more sorties to make sure I tried everything on the net to answer my own Q.
    You can prob’ly answer my Q easily, viz., HOW do I access links in the MS knowledge base- or whatever virtual greygreen filing cab at MS this privacy pol etc. is in, w/this odd format? And, BTW, why is it so hard to find on the web- or what approach should I be using?

    It seems MS doesnt WANT us plebes to READ the privacy policy OR the other docs they DON’T link to in this EULA that accompanies the Install of this Sec.Essentials Update. But I sure can’t go ahead w/the Install, 1. from what I’ve read of this EULA and 2. w/out reading the rest of the docs. // Ever since I unwittingly blundered into buying the OEM WIndows 7 on this HP PC and left XP behind, life’s just not worth living. I’m afraid I’ll have to jump ship & start a new learning curve w/Unix/Linux. MS is sailing off without me.
    Jeez, I hope I’m not restricted to 125 chars here…