So still tracking some issues with KB2859537 the kernel update but I’m not convinced that massive amount of people are hitting BSOD’s.  I see people hitting the other issues of freeze up which appears to be a rootkit or … well… a hacked or cracked OEM systems – pirated systems.

Bottom line I’m not convinced this is a bad update, rather there are impacted systems. 

The trigger are some files that are not Microsoft based, but hacked kernel files.


One Response to Kernel update 2859537 — still looking into it

  1. Tomislav says:

    I also have no problems on either Win 7 x64 or Win 8 x86. What I find more intruiging is the relationship between this update and KB2864432.
    Does KB2859537 include that hotfix? Will it install over that hotfix (because it increases the kernel’s version number)? If not, will the people who have applied it (developers) be vulenrable to the vulnerabilities in MS13-063? I can’t say, since I didn’t install KB2864432 as I am not a developer but it would be nice to know.