The TechNet sku I personally used to purchase the three year TechNet subscription was JT9-00045

I purchased this from (ask for John Carity 1-262-953-5266)

In AU you can go through


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  1. glenn vickery says:


    I am a partner and TechNet user, can you help me with how to get the 3 year open lic tech net. I called and the said the do not sell to indiv.

  2. bradley says:

    If you are a microsoft partner you need to set up an account with Softwareone so you can purchase from them. Indicate that you are a small business, give them your tax ID. I can’t help you buy it, you’ll need to set up a purchasing account with them.

  3. chucko says:

    FYI, I ordered the same SKU’s as you mentioned through Provantage and received the following email:

    We are very sorry the products you are requesting are no longer available and have been removed by Microsoft. We are sorry for the inconvenience and will have the order canceled and a status email sent.

    So my fallback plan is to order a standard one year TechNet directly from MS and so far that process is going forward. I’ve received the order pending email and am awaiting the order completion.

  4. S Thorpe says:

    Ordered yesterday from CDW. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Paul Crosbie says:

    Hi Susan – thanks very much for the tip. I have purchased the above and see it in the VLSC portal. But I can see no way of accessing the TechNet benefits. When I try and register my subscription on the TechNet portal it asks for “Benefit Access Number, Subscriber ID, or MPN Technical Contact ID” and I don’t have any of those. The only number the VLSC site has is my Agreement ID and that didn’t work. Is there a step I am missing?

  6. bradley says:

    So in vlsc site there’s a link to manage my technet subscription. Click there and then set up yourself as an authorized user. In three business days go back to vlsc and you’ll now see that there’s a subscriber ID that has now populated. It’s THAT number that the technet subscriber site wants to enter in.

    It’s very convoluted.

  7. JohnS says:

    Does this include all the MS software that TecgNet Pro has or is it the baisc TechNet subscription that doesnt include the Enterprise software like Exchange and SQL Enterprise?

  8. bradley says:

    SQL enterprise/Exchange is included.

  9. Paul Crosbie says:

    Thanks Susan

    Its seems that the TechNet subscription process ‘down under’ (New Zealand) is even more convoluted and requires manual intervention from Microsoft to process. Mindboggling really!