Be aware you need RDS cals

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From the mailbox…

Have you tried the new RD Client app for iPad by Microsoft? It's Cool!
Works on SBS 2008 and 2011.

Microsoft bought the old iTap rdp app.  But be aware it requires you to buy RDs cals to be legal.  
You cannot access a workstation directly via RDP without kicking in the need for RDS cals.  
Use remote web workplace and you need no cals.
Hit the workstation using RDgateway and you need cals.

5 Responses to Be aware you need RDS cals

  1. Michael says:

    but where should we enter the cal license keys in the sbs 2011 ?


  2. Rosewood says:

    This has to be widest license abuse out there.

  3. bradley says:

    There’s no console to put them in.

  4. Michael says:

    So it is required to buy normal rds user or device cals as for a terminal server (additionally to the SBS user or device cals) but not activate these cals or the terminal services on the SBS maschine or enter a license key somewhere in the SBS ?

    Just put it them in a shelf after buying (like the “normal” user or device SBS cals) ?

    I think Rosewood is absolutely right …


  5. bradley says:

    yes, you just put them on the shelf.