Revisiting Event 6 on SBS 2011 RTM

On November 5, 2013, in news, by

“Windows SBS Manager Services to run as an account with a mailbox. Its to soon to confirm but it seems to be working, had nothing logged in the last hour.”

So how to do that you ask?

First let’s go into Services and see what account is being used on the Windows SBS manager service.

Microsoft picks this as it’s a low level account and not a domain account to get attacked.

If you pick a mailbox account to use, just think about the impact to the network.


This is why I say you might want to opt to disable the alert instead

There’s a reason they didn’t set it up like this by using the domain admin account.  But if you want to, you can adjust it by changing it from local account to an account with a mailbox.


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