Into Yammer yet?

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You know that problem you had with Facebook in your office?  Well now it may be more corporate with Yammer- see

Yammer also brings potential risk into the organization just like Skype, and Instant messaging did in it’s day. 

And Microsoft is really pushing Yammer even in their partner program…

1. Join Yammer (if you are already a member of Yammer, go to step 2). 
Visit and enter your work email address. You will 
receive a confirmation email from Yammer to activate your account. 
Accept the Usage Policy and you’re in. Spend 3-5 minutes completing your 
profile, ideally including your photo and title.

2. Join the Microsoft US Partner Community Yammer network. While logged 
in to Yammer, go to, and select Request an 
Invitation. You will receive an email invitation from a Network 
Administrator, typically within an hour or two (during weekdays). Open 
the email you receive from the administrator (via Yammer) and accept the 

3. Join one or more groups. While on the US Partner Community, browse 
the Groups section to find your areas of interest, or follow the link 
provided by the person who asked you to join a specific group. After 
selecting a group, click the blue +Join button. If the group is public, 
you will immediately become a member. If the group is private, you will 
need to wait for the group’s administrator to accept your request to 
join. Membership in private groups is at the discretion of the group’s 

Groups on the US Partner Community include:

· MPN 101

· Training recommendations

· WPC – Worldwide Partner Conference

· Cloud Partner

· People for Innovation

· Lync Partners

· Microsoft Cloud 1-2-3

4. Keep track of your groups. You will see the groups you have joined on 
the left side of your Yammer page. The groups you visit most often will 
appear at the top of your groups list, and you can expand the list to 
show all of your groups by clicking the More button at the bottom of the 

… but then again email these days is just as risky….


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