Dear Microsoft… if you want to really make your deployers of your software mad at you… keep on like you are doing

Activate OEM without office account ??:

I think this should work…

In OEM you get a key code right?

There should be a box in there once you install the app to enter in a key code:

Mind you this is there for the ‘standalone’ products, not the Office 365 subscriptions (that I can see)



12 Responses to Getting office to install without a Microsoft account

  1. Andrew Solmssen says:

    But it doesn’t let you activate the software until you attach that code to a Microsoft account. It’s a real pain for small companies that use OEM or retail software and makes it almost impossible to manage.

  2. bradley says:

    You positive about that? I thought I have without hooking it to a Live ID?

  3. Gwen Demulder says:

    Positive, the key will have to be linked to a microsoft id… 🙁
    Volume license luckilly doesn’t have to be 😉

  4. bradley says:

    I am not willing to give up. I have conflicting reports it can be done.
    Stay tuned, I will get to the bottom of this.

  5. Joshua says:

    Retail/OEM, you can do that, but the very next screen after entering the key asks for a Microsoft Account, and will not let you bypass it.

    Volume License/Action Pack will accept the key and activate without a Microsoft Account

  6. bradley says:

    I’m on a mission, I haven’t given up.

  7. guest says:

    Will this happen on a single Open License too? About to upgrade a bunch of Outlook clients to 2013 but if we need a microsoft account for each install this will not work.


  8. Andy says:

    If you can solve the issue thousands of IT Support companies would be eternally grateful….we have tried everything

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  10. ChrisB says:

    Some people on Spiceworks say it can be down but we’ve spent hours & hours & hours but still end up messing around with MS accounts. We’ve downloaded numerous ISOs (eg Dell “OEM”) but they all seem to require MS accounts.

    I ended up re-writing part of our inventory DB to track all the usernames and passwords we have.

    There is a thread on the MS Partner Forum:

    I’d like to have 10 minutes with the person at MS who decided you get a key to register to get a key. Grrrr!

  11. Tim Downey says:

    All need to know that the oem version of Office 2013 does not update via Windows Update or WSUS. It updates by itself. So if you have 2000 oem installs on your network they will all be tying up your network when updates are released.

    You need to purchase an open volume license for Office 2013 and download your copy from the volume licensing site. That version updates via Windows Update and WSUS.

    Your then use your OVL key to activate your installs. This eliminates the oem activation issue in a corporate environment.

  12. Joe Raby says:

    The key to the update install is not the license version – it’s the installation method. If you use a Click2Run version, it updates itself. Now, you SHOULD be able to get a full-file version of any SKU of Office 2013, but where you would find it, I wouldn’t know. I dunno if VLK copies are bit-wise similar between ISO’s but just support different types of keys to cross-grade to different SKU’s ala Windows. There might be some kind of XML file maybe that contains the info that tells Office Setup which SKU to install (like ei.cfg on a Windows DVD).