One thing you find with new releases is that when you think you aren’t bleeding edge… you really are.

As noted there as of this writing, the HP intelligent provisioning software hasn’t been released to support 2012 R2.  So you’ll need to manually install 2012 R2 (yeah the old fashioned way) and then install the manual drivers from the supplement download.

So be prepared to install this now this way, but use the intelligent provisioning way later on.


2 Responses to SMBKitchen: Getting those drivers when you are a bit bleeding edge

  1. Andrew says:

    Oh no. Didn’t knew that HP intelligent provisioning software does not support. I have used it to deploy Windows Standard 2012 R2 with GUI on a HP DL320e Gen8 v2.

  2. Pete P says:

    I would still get blue screens on my ML320e G8 v2 server even after manually installing the RAID driver from the v89111 Support Pack Supplemental. HP Global Support also had me…
    -Configure the Minimum Processor Idle Power State option to “No C-states”
    -Configure he Intel QPI Link Power Management option to “Disable”
    -Configure the HP Power Profile option to “Maximum Performance”

    In doing so finally stabilized my server and no more blue screens.

    Doing trial-and-error on another non-production ML ML320e G8 v2 server, configuring the Minimum Processor Idle Power State option to “No C-states” seemed all that was necessary. Searching HP forums seemed to concur.

    There are two issues here with HP Proliant servers supporting Windows Server 2012 R2—drivers and power management compatibility. Supposedly a new BIOS is underway as well.