Java exceptions

On January 16, 2014, in Security, by

In the latest version of Java 7, release 51 the new release does not allow unsigned java applets to run.

If you need an exception launch the Java icon in the control panel, then go to security tab and place in the url (with the http://www…. ) into the exception list

Click on edit site list

If you don’t see this make sure you don’t have any other Java installed on your system.  I found one pc that had Java 64 bit on there that was causing this not to show on the computer.


2 Responses to Java exceptions

  1. Rolf Niedhorn says:

    This is something, I wish to have since the initial release of that feature, cause until today you have to “study java developement” for creating exeptions.


  2. bertrandep says:

    Thanks for the tip.
    it helped me for Dell’s idrac to several servers I manage.
    ps : your captcha image does not load on Chrome browser even if it loads ok with the full URL (retrieved from view source).