Next up we start the process of extracting the download and installing Exchange

I always runas admin when I extract the file to ensure that they extract.

Now in hindsight I’d put this file in a subfolder as Exchange spits files all over the place.

When you go to install ensure you either do command line run as administrator, or do a run as administrator

I don’t like checking for updates as it adds to the install and introduces possibilities of change.

it goes to copy the files

It starts the install

While I’m installing this I tend to enable network discovery on the server.  Also make sure you move the Exchange server from the computersOU to the ServersOU in the MyBusiness OU up on the SBS box

And now the install is ready to go…well …sorta

Use the recommended settings

Choose both mailbox and client access role

Don’t install it on the C drive, this is only for testing purposes.  Place this on an appropriate drive location.

I don’t want to disable malware scanning so I’ll enable that





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