I’m going to use this as an exercise in trying out installing Exchange via the gui (no PowerShell script).  Honestly, the most efficient way is to install this via a script but I’m doing this the slow step by step way to see what happens.

Up next in our install is the prereq check where we see that the system needs to do certain things (IIS setups)

It will actually do these IIS items and at this point need a reboot.

Don’t do anything but reboot at this point and then  have the prereq checker check again

When you reboot all these items are installed

We start again

And we check for mailbox and client access role

Again I check for malware

This time there is a much smaller item of things missing, this time it’s downloads.

We need the Unified Communications Management 4.0 API and two Office 2010 Filter packs.  To make your life easier you may want to download these ahead of time.






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