SMBKitchen: Are we insane?

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Right about now in this stage of the process I am questioning my sanity.  I honestly have never installed Exchange before.  So while I want to go through the methodical step by step gui process to understand what is going on, to make this feasible from a business deployment standpoint we either need to script it or PowerShell this deployment in the future to make it repeatable.  While the TechNet Essentials instructions have a script for Exchange 2010 (see , they do not have one for 2013.

What you can do when it’s your first is to obviously test.  Or hire the folks at to do it for you and then you hang over their shoulder (virtually that is) and pepper them with questions.  And review the current script info posted on Exchange 2013 –

At this point remember to back up your SBS box because we are making changes to Active Directory…. and here we go….

Now copying files



We’re getting mailboxes installed…


Client access role

Next step 10

Next step


Right about now you see we need more automation and a script if we’re going to be doing this over and over again for clients


We’re onto step 13

Step 14

And we’re done

  1. On the Completion page, click Finish.

  1. noteNote:
If you didn’t separate your Active Directory schema preparation from the installation of Exchange 2013, the amount of time this takes is dependent upon your Active Directory site topology. It might take some time for the changes to replicate across your organization.
  1. Restart the computer after Exchange 2013 has completed.

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