UPDATE : 1/30/2014 : It seems Microsoft has stopped providing Windows 7 ISO images. The Windows 7 links provided below are discontinued

When we have to do a repair install and the person has no media, these are the links I would post.

Now that you’ve pulled these, you’ve effectively crippled all operating systems.

The reality of Windows 7 is that it gets component based servicing stack issues that no fixit will fix and ONLY a non destructive repair install will fix.

UPDATE : 1/31/2014 : The links provided for Windows 7 ISO images are not working currently. It seems to be a temporary issue with Digitalriver. According to Microsoft the problem should be resolved in the next couple of days.

Thank goodness.


One Response to Enough is Enough Microsoft, stop making it hard for me to support you like this

  1. The latest update says that MS say it’s a temporary problem at Digital River.