So about that Exchange 2013 Sp1

On February 3, 2014, in Exchange, by

Let’s just hope that Exchange 2013 sp1 comes out soon ‘eh?

Today I found out that

The following table lists the requirements for the network and the directory servers in your Exchange 2013 organization.

Network and directory server requirements for Exchange 2013

Exchange 2013 System Requirements: Exchange 2013 Help:

Does not list Server 2012 r2.  Now I knew that I couldn’t INSTALL Exchange 2013 on a Server 2012 R2 until Sp1 came out, but I had no idea that I wasn’t supposed to install Exchange 2013 in a network where my only domain is going to be 2012 R2.

In the meantime I’ll keep slogging through and report on my findings.

(and I think Jeff @ is the smarter one for waiting for all of this to muck to clear up.  No wonder he doesn’t yet have a kit for Exchange 2013 because the dang thing isn’t fully supported yet.  HP hasn’t shipped an intelligent provisioning build that supports 2012 r2 yet either.  Geeze and how long ago did 2012 R2 rtm?)


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