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Just for grins I wanted to see how Godaddy set up Office 365 – was it really Office 365 or something else.  How automatic of a set up was the offering.. if you bought the domain name as part of the Office 365 package it would seem to me that they’d know what DNS settings to do right?

It appears not as they give you the settings you are supposed to do:

And before anyone says anything…yes I bought because it was available, believe it or not!


Let’s get your mail going to the right place

Before we can get your account up and running, you’ll need to follow these steps to direct your mail to the right place for

  1. Log on to your hosting provider or third-party domain name system manager (usually the same place you bought your domain)
  2. Locate the CNAMEs and set the following:
    • Name: autodiscover
    • Target:
    • Name: sip
    • Target:
    • Name: lyncdiscover
    • Target:
    • Name: email
    • Target:
    • Name: msoid
    • Target:
  3. Locate the MX and set the following:
    • Host: @
    • Priority: 0 Target:
  4. Locate the SRV and set the following:
    • Port:
    • Protocol: Name: Service: Priority: Weight: Target:
      443 _tls @ _sip 0 0
    • Port:
    • Protocol: Name: Service: Priority: Weight: Target:
      5061 _tcp @ _sipfederationtls 0 0
  5. Locate the TXT and set the following:
    • Name: @ TXT Value: MS=ms73364951
    • Name: @ TXT Value: v=spf1 -all

Note: Making these changes means you’ll stop receiving email to any account previously set up on this domain. Learn more »

I love how they say “log into your domain provider”… uh that would be you!

The other thing I noted is that they did NOT tell me to remove the existing MX record.

Priority 10 MX record that is pointing to

Now I had some issues trying to get a Lync meeting so I’m not convinced this is still set up right.

Another item of interest is that if you go to a normal Office 365 login page and type in your domain it redirects you to the godaddy sign in

 Flipping the domain over to  the public sharepoint site also isn’t working and as a workaround you are given the manual info:

Add these DNS records for at your DNS hosting provider.

Need help adding the records? See step-by-step instructions for creating these records at popular DNS hosting providers.

Type Priority Host name Points to address TTL
CNAME        3600


Nor do they tell you you need to remove this

Not as polished of a process as I was expecting


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