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Logon Statistics

We’ll start on the Exchange Server and use Get-LogonStatistics to grab a snapshot of connected clients. This is a good quick method of checking the build numbers against those shown above; but as it only captures information about currently logged on clients, it’s unlikely this will give you a full picture.

In our small server, we normally do Exchange migrations after hours or over the weekend so the number of logged on clients is probably only iPhones and iPads. 

Get-MailboxServer |% { Get-LogonStatistics -Server $_ } `
| Where {$_.ClientVersion -match “^\d{2}\.”} `
| Select UserName,ClientVersion | Sort -Unique -Property UserName `
| Export-Csv .\UserLogins.csv -NoTypeInformation

Now here’s a tool I’ve never used before….

Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit

Another approach that complements the above, is to use the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit. The MAP toolkit can be used for many purposes, and in particular can collect and document your existing Outlook client estate.

After downloading and installing the MAP toolkit from the Microsoft Downloads website, navigate to the Desktop tab and scroll down to the Office 2013 Readiness section. We’ll use this to report on the current Office versions in use along with other relevant information that will help if you wish to upgrade clients to the latest version of Office. To begin, select Collect inventory data:

Let’s download this and see what it does.

and we download it

Okay so this isn’t 4.5.1 but it’s still enough of a newer .net on an older platform that I’m going to skip this tool.  I’ll walk around the office and see if folks are on what version of Outlook, or I’ll get it from my RMM tool or you can even use Spiceworks to let you know what you’ve got on each desktop…none of these need .net 4.5

Next up seeing what clients we got…

Blogging my way (starting over) through a proof of concept migration from SBS 2008 to Essentials 2012 R2 series will be a SMB kitchen project whitepaper.  More about the SMBKitchen project at – 


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