To get a 2012 R2 version of Windows on a Gen8 server you’ll need to install the 1.6 intelligent provisioning software.  If you attempt to do so with the shipped 1.5 it will blue screen on you.

You can’t even get the unit to download the 1.5 from inside the server intelligent provisioning update process.  It appears the only way this works is to manually download the iso and flash the system.

Downloading the iso now and I’ll let you know how this goes.  It doesn’t want to use the Win7iso burner tool.

(As an aside another way to do this is to do the plain Windows 2012 r2 and use the Server 2008 driver (not the 2008 r2 or 2012) and it works.

Now trying this tool:

Using that tool worked. 

Once you get 1.6 on there, and make it find the usb that has the Windows OS

Once there it then picks up the Windows r2 operating system


But bottom line you’ll need the 1.6, a usb flash drive or dvd, and a bit of patience as this is a less than great installation experience.


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  1. PetieG says:

    Don’t forget to shrink and then expand your volume from disk management otherwise you’ll get errors during backups — unless HP fixed that.