So what I did with my Microserver

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So before I get back to our SMBKitchen project, here’s what I did to my Gen8 Microserver:

1.  Forget the intelligent provisioning.  The 1.5 version will not autoupdate to 1.6.  While 1.6 does support 2012 R2, it won’t auto update to that version.

2.  I gave up on the autoprovisioning and just did an install from the operating system and the plain driver. In order to do that I went into the bios and disabled the smart raid adapter and put it back to normal SAS with ACHI setting.  A smart raid may be a good thing for the bigger servers, for this one the drive layout was never what I wanted.  I tried to set the four 2T drives as a Raid 1+0 and it wasn’t giving me a large 4 logical place to then partition out, and when I did two 2T logical drives that also ended up in a weird config.  Bottom line I gave up and went back to the more Gen7 like experience where I let the operating system see merely DRIVES and then I did what I wanted up in the software.  This raid card may work in other servers, it wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do/expected it to do.

3.  I’m still looking for a good balance of encryption with management and remote rebooting.  I bought a TPM module to install and see if I will use bitlocker to encrypt the drive.  I’ll report back once it’s arrived and installed.

4.  The new HP boot up process… you can make yourself a Mountain Dew on the rocks and get a second with the time the bios boots up.  All of those folks that talk about fast ssd drives. honey you won’t even know you have them as it takes forrrreeeeverrr to get past the bios boot screen.  I really wish someone would sit down Meg and tell her engineers to speed up that process because it’s a bit painful and adds boot time.

Bottom line I still like the form factor and size of the Gen8, but I really wish they would go back and revisit the Gen8 bios software.  The current intelligent provisioning process wasted a day for me fitzing around with the server and it not doing what I wanted it to do.

I’ll be blogging about the encryption I’ll be doing It later on… in the meantime back to my proof of concept migration series.


2 Responses to So what I did with my Microserver

  1. T Man says:

    I wasted plenty of time with Intelligent Provisioning as well. And I was only trying to get a supported vSphere image installed, which is pulled directly from HP. It would not recognize it.

    You are correct that the BIOS is way too slow. I guess they figure you are virtualizing it anyway, so you will very rarely be rebooting the server, but still, way too long.

  2. IT support says:

    Hi Susan, if you have a DVD drive with your micro server, burn the 1.6 ISO. Connect only a single hard drive with the bios at factory defaults. Now boot the server with the DVD inserted and it will update to 1.6. Take the 1.6 disk out when it reboots and power down (otherwise it will loop at start again).
    Now you can connect up all your hard drives again and use IP 1.6 to deploy 2012R2.

    1.6 ISO