21 days and counting

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21 days before unmanaged 8.1 systems are locked out of getting security updates.  And I’m still seeing issues with folks trying to get the update installed.

I worked with Robert (the PowerShell genius) to build a PowerShell tool that let’s you run some of the commands in the post in the answers forum as well as checking on the free space in the C drive and in the reserved partition.


This however is very disturbing.  I can confirm that after installing KB2919355 and running that dism command you get a failure


Seeing what I can find about it now.


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  1. Joe Raby says:

    There was an update that is part of the “Update” pack that is supposed to be run before 9355. 2934422 I think. In file name order, it is actually the second hotfix in the ZIP. After that one, and then 9355, the rest can be installed in regular sort order. Also, on some systems it will appear that 9355 will be installed a second time. This is normal. The first time, the build might appear as 17029, but once everything in the Update pack is complete, and after the few reboots, it should read 17031. This happened to me on 3 different systems (just the versioning, not the error – but I never did the update with WSUS either).