Happy small business week

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This week is Happy Small Business week – according to a google link https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/109232418125793730353

And today is the opening day of Microsoft’s Teched down in Houston – http://techcrunch.com/2014/05/12/windows-azure-gets-new-tools-for-hybrid-clouds-and-simplified-cloud-storage-service-for-businesses/?ncid=rss

Already there are several beta reviews being announced and my take on it so far is a bit of a mixed bag.  Some of the items being announced in beta I was going “they are just now coming out as a beta?  They need to have that working now”… specifically the Azure remoteapps needs to be sooner versus later.

Then I feel wishy washy because I don’t see any small business – anywhere – .  Granted this is TechEd.  That never had much SMB ism in the past and what SMB themes it has is normally in regards to server message block, not small to medium business.  But in the past there use to be some nugget, some clues, some leftovers that made me feel like Microsoft was planning on some offering for the SMB space.  I’m not seeing anything at this year’s TechEd that feels like there’s any nuggets for small and medium businesses.

I’m watching one of the live sessions regarding intune and they are talking about adfs/dirsync and system center configuration manager  http://channel9.msdn.com/?WT.mc_id=tena_hp and I just don’t see this for the majority of SMBs.  Oh I’m sure there’s some reading this blog that will say that I’m being narrow sighted here and that those of us in small business can distill down some of these features and concepts and really embrace these technologies, but I don’t see that is the majority, but the bleeding edge minority.  Few businesses will be using these technologies, but it won’t be the majority.  There will be a divide in the use of technology. 

Conversely some of the demos they are doing right now about an ipad remote desktop app, we’ve been able to rdp back into an application for years ….. so what’s the big deal?

So what about you?  You getting any clues in watching TechEd this week?


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