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FAQ regarding MSDN for Action Pack – Microsoft Partners Forum:
Partners who had active MAPS SP subscriptions prior to November 11, 2013 had access to a TechNet Subscription.  These partners will not be eligible for the MSDN subscription benefit until they re-enroll into the new Action Pack Subscription. For more information on what is the course of action for our Partners in this scenario, please read below:

Q: I’m a MAPS SP partner who enrolled prior to November 11, 2013. Why don’t I receive MSDN subscription for Action Pack? 

A: All MAPS SP partners who enrolled prior to November 11, 2013 received a TechNet Subscription as part of their benefits rather than an MSDN subscription. The TechNet Subscription provided MAPS SP partners with a large selection of Microsoft products for evaluation purposes and to help plan deployments. Your TechNet Subscription will continue to be available until re-enrollment into the new Action Pack Subscription, at which point you will receive MSDN Subscription instead of TechNet Subscription.


Please note that TechNet Subscription doesn’t include Visual Studio. If you would like to access Visual Studio, you may access Visual Studio 2013 90-day free trials from this link. 


Q: I’m an Action Pack SP partner who enrolled between November 11, 2013 and February 24, 2014. Why didn’t I receive MSDN subscription benefit during that time?

A: Neither TechNet nor MSDN was available between these dates.  However, effective March 10, 2014, all Action Pack SP partners who enrolled after November 11, 2013 received access to MSDN subscription.


Q: I’m a MAPS Development and Design (DD) partner. Will I have access to MSDN Subscription?

A: Yes, there is no change to the MSDN benefit for MAPS DD Partners.


Q: I am a new or renewing Action Pack partner who joined on or after March 10, 2014. Will I receive MSDN subscription?

A: Yes, All new Action Pack partners, renewing Action Pack SP after November 11, 2013, and renewing Action Pack DD partners got/will get access to MSDN from March 10, 2014 onward


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  1. Joe Raby says:

    I’m not quite sure what the MSDN subscription is really for. Other than Visual Studio, there just isn’t much there. There are no Enterprise software products like Windows Client Enterprise to test out virtualization deployment scenarios, and not even MDOP. We used to get those with TechNet though.