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Third Tier Brain Explosion registration is open! Sept 7-8

You can sign up now at  We’re offering it as an official pre-day event at the GFI Max conference. GFI has been very supportive and is handling the registration for us. You’ll go through their conference registration system and choose the Third Tier event. It’s $99 for a full 8 hours of content presented by Jeremy Anderson, Phil Elder, Susan Bradley and Amy Babinchak. The Brain Explosion happens at 1-5pm on Sunday and 8am-12pm on Monday. Since we’ll all be there on Sunday night we will also be announcing a pub meetup for the attendees on Sunday night. This will give you an excellent opportunity to get to know the speakers and your fellow attendees. Attendance is capped and our previous 3 Brain Explosions all sold out so please make your reservation early. It’s going to be great!

I’ll be talking about protecting your ‘exhaust ports’ better known as your weak links!


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